Socrates & co is an agency for philosophy and ideas. It helps people and organisations to articulate their thoughts optimally and find likeminded publishing houses. The agency also guides authors, editors, publishers, (young) academics and philosophical platforms in their professional development. Socrates & co was founded by Regine Dugardyn.

Regine Dugardyn
Until October 2016 I was publisher of Ten Have. Over the past twelve years I've shaped and strengthened the philosophical profile of Ten Have's list by signing authors such as Michael Sandel, Christa Anbeek, Michael Puett, Jules Evans, Frédéric Lenoir, Sarah Bakewell, Damon Young and Roman Krznaric. Prior to this, I graduated in the history of philosophy at the University of Utrecht in 1989, and worked as a journalist for various magazines and organisations.

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Establishing connections between people and organisations comes naturally to me; when necessary, I employ other professionals' expertise. Links to my current partners are listed below. 

As a publisher, I have worked with The School of Life, Filosofie Magazine, de Rode Hoed, Human, VPRO, Trouw, NRC, de Volkskrant and similar publishers in the fields of philosophy and ideas.





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Socrates & co provides the following services for authors, prospective authors, publishers and other philosophical platforms:

  • Author guidance;
  • Overall assessment of manuscripts, (book) proposals or books;
  • Development of publishing plans for books or websites;
  • Detailed editorial commentary;
  • Ghost writing.

Socrates & co offers the following services to editors, publishers and other professionals in the fields of philosophy and ideas:

  • Individual, subject-specific coaching;
  • Drafting, modifying or strengthening fund or publication policy.


Socrates & co provides the following services for foreign publishers, agents and authors:

  • Advice on suitable Dutch or Flemish publishers;
  • Liaising with Dutch or Flemish publishers.

Dutch, Belgian and foreign (prospective) authors can make an appeal to the agency for:

  • Guiding development of ideas for books or websites into thorough publication proposals;
  • Looking for suitable publishers for book ideas.


Regine Dugardyn
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